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Beginner’s  5 Gallon Wine Making Equipment Kit: $105.95

Includes all the equipment and instructions you need to make 5 gallons of wine.  Kit includes a 5 gallon glass carboy with stopper and airlock, 7 gallon fermenting bucket with lid, hydrometer, syphon, racking clip, bottle filler, stirring spoon, sterilizing solution and a winemakers beginners book.

Ingredients?  We make our wines from concentrates imported from all over the world, California, Oregon, Italy, France, Spain, New Zealand and Austria.  Regions change yearly, so check back often.
Things you will need after your wine is ready.

1. Bottles - about 25.  Recycle your own bottles or purchase new.  We carry a  variety of sizes from the standard 750ML in green, clear, amber, blue, frosted and red, to half size 375ML in clear or green,  187ML clear champagne style, 1.5 Liter Green and super sized  clear 1.75 litter screw cap bottles.

Beginners 6 Gallon Wine Making Kit  $ 115.95
All items the same as the 5 Gallon Wine Making Kit, but instead of a 5 gallon glass carboy you get a 6 Gallon Carboy


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