World Vineyards

Wines from Australia, California, South America and Europe are represented in the World Vineyard Collection. These wines are perfect if you enjoy versatile wines which don’t require extended aging but still offer distinct flavours from some of the great wine regions in the world.


Cabernet Sauvignon (Grape Skins)                       $105

Australian Shiraz                                               $90

California Pinot Noir                                           $90

California Trinity Red                                          $90

California Zinfandel                                             $92

Chilean Malbec                                                     $89

Chilean Merlot                                                      $89

French Cabernet Sauvignon                                   $94

Italian Nebbiolo                                                    $92

Italian Sangiovese                                                  $90

Spanish Tempranillo                                               $90

Washington Merlot (Grape Skins)                            $105


Australian Chardonnay                         $89

Gew                                                      $86

Lieframilch                                           $86

Moscato                                               $92

Italian Pinot Grigio                               $86

Sauvignon Blanc                                    $86

Trinity White                                       $88

Washington Riesling                             $89

White Zinfandel                                   $86


Pink Moscato                               $85

(Must pre-order by May 14, 2020)