Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon                    32.95

Merlot                                  32.95

Petite Sirah                            31.95 

        Alexander/California: 46 OZ concentrates  

Makes five gallons of handcrafted wine.  Use one can and add eight pounds of sugar, or for a more full bodied wine use two cans and five pounds of sugar.  Once you have made a few wines, get creative. Try adding some raisons or fresh fruit or oak to your Alexander/California concentrate. Other items needed are an "Add Pac" which includes yeast, nutrient, tannin, pectic enzyme and acid blend. Cost $4.00 Suggested items are a clearing agent to clarify your wine $2.75 and a stabilizer $1.25.

Not sure how to proceed?  Attend our weekly wine making classes (held most Saturdays at 4PM) when they return in June/July. Cost is $ 20.00, lasts about 75 minutes and includes 4 wine and one port sample along with cheese/crackers and grapes of course and a take home bottle of wine.  RSVP as space is limited.

        White Wines

Chardonnay                    29.95

Chenin Blanc                   31.95

Zinfandel Blush                29.95